Revised Missal Translation – a webcatechesis


The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy has put online the first group of videotaped lectures we have been gathering about the revised Missal translation. You will find a link at

A word of background about a project we are calling “Webcatechesis.”   The Center’s mission is to put the resources of the academy at the service of the Church. The university has recording facilities and online storage space, so this seemed a way to extend catechesis outward. The videos are free for anyone’s use; please share word about them as you see fit.

They are certainly for anyone interested, but we were especially motivated by thinking of remote sites that will find it hard to come to a regional conference.  Dividing them into 15 minute segments makes them easier to view, and perhaps a parish council or worship committee can view them for discussion together.

We hope they are helpful in the process of preparing to implement this new translation, which holds the potential for theological clarity, spiritual renewal, and a closer appreciation of the  form and style of the Latin rite.

In closing, three words of thanks. First, to our web designer Kathy Sexton who has been laying out the pages and working out the bugs. Second, we will continue to add videos through a fund sponsored by the generosity of a friend of the Center, Mr Richard van Auken. Third, the idea was hatched in conversation with Msgr Bruce Harbert, who not only videotaped here on campus, but shared with us two presentations to the Clergy of the Diocese of Leeds.

Do check back in the future, as we hope to continue adding speakers. And may I extend a special thanks in this forum to Fr Anthony for his participation.



      1. Simple solution: cross-post all the videos to They allow posted videos to be downloaded, and it won’t cost you a cent.

        As a diocesan catechetical director, I’d love to be able to make use of these, but a more portable form would be more convenient.

  1. Greetings,

    I have just listened Fr. Ruff’s videos concerning the sung Mass. It was very good. It would be great to have this but then have everything just sung through from the begining of the Missal until the end. I think that this sung element is important.


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