Continuing to Pray for Haiti: Free Resource

As media reports of strong aftershocks, mounting death tolls and shattered survivors continue to touch our lives, we find ourselves more and more at a loss for words in the face of the mystery of suffering.

Pauline Books and Media is offering a free e-book of prayers, visible online and downloadable as a .pdf for printing and distribution, as “a useful way to focus intentions and be in spirit with those who need us most.”

Let’s get this into the hands of millions of people around the world who can’t go to Haiti in person but can pray. The Haitians are giving us an impressive example of faith and prayer. Let us lift up their needs now, that they will be able to rebuild their lives, their church, and their nation.

Tweet it, embed it in your blog, post it on your own site or Facebook page. Use the prayers in bulletins, prayer groups, parishes or in the silence of your own heart.

The prayers in this resource are profoundly personal, yet clearly rooted in the lived experience of liturgical worship. Many are from the blog postings of various members of The Daughters of Saint Paul, the religious community of which Pauline is an apostolate. The variety of themes and intentions covered is expansive, offering something for anyone and everyone wrestling with the mysteries of natural disaster and human suffering.

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