Doing NAAL in Milwaukee

The North American Academy of Liturgy is meeting in Milwaukee this week and we’ll be there. NAAL began in 1973 with a meeting organized by two Jesuits, Frs. Walter Burghardt and John Gallen. It was officially founded in 1975 at Notre Dame, and the first meeting was at Loyola in Louisianna. Its ecumenical membership numbers somewhere around 500 members, a bit less than half are Roman Catholic. Worship at the meetings is sometimes Christian, sometimes interfaith in consideration of the Jewish, and now Muslim, members.  We’re all interested in Islam, and I’m especially anticipating the Saturday morning plenum address by Dr. Aminah B. McCloud on what Muslims would like us to know about their worship.

Thursday we have the pre-conference denominational meetings, and I’ll be at the Catholic Academy of Liturgy. I’ll let you know about that, and as much as possible, about what happens at the other denominational meetings.

NAAL president Fr. Richard Rutherford, CSC, has already scheduled an interview which we’ll publish shortly.


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