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Scapegoating Liturgical Reform

The problem of secularization cannot be fixed by returning to an earlier age. Culturally, the world is a very different place than before the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.


Liturgy and Civilization: The Problem of Authenticity

The search is no longer to be an authentic worshipper. Rather, it is to worship and to discover all along an authenticity that was impossible to perceive before: that I was created in the image and likeness of God to be in communion with the triune God and the created order. Not to subsist unto myself.

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Liturgy and the Renewal of Civilization

An integral aspect of the liturgical movement, perhaps untreated by those in liturgical theology, is cultivating the kind of civilization in which divine worship can flourish. Such a civilization, when fostered, may perhaps facilitate even better participation in the liturgical rites of the Church, opening up parish life to the kind of renewal hoped for by the liturgical movement itself.


The Playful Gravity of Time

University discourse tends to refer to some distant future in which all knowledge will be discovered, in which progress will be made, in which endowments will grow. Yet, here at St. John’s, a radical alternative time interrupts again and again. The time not of capital campaigns, of curricular reviews, but the playful gravity of time embodied in the Christo-centric Liturgy of the Hours.


Catholic Academy of Liturgy Meeting – UPDATED 1/10

The topic this year was the future of liturgical studies and the mission of CAL.

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O’Malley on Faggioli on Liturgical Reform… and why some people are attracted to the old missal

by Timothy O’Malley
“is it really the case that many of those attracted to the 1963 Missal of John XVIII (the extraordinary form) are dismissive of the ecclesiology brought about by the Second Vatican Council? Or is it not often true that those fascinated by ‘the reform of the reform’ are disenchanted with certain features of the implementation of the reform itself?”

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Notre Dame Center for Liturgy: New Director

Tim O’Malley is now acting director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (formerly the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy).

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