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A dose of reality

To anchor our feet firmly on the ground, here’s a report of another Vigil that an American friend sent me

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How many hands does it take…?

This year’s Easter Vigil was a real logistical ordeal for presiders.

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A Mass lacking architectural integrity

Lots of things happened during a solemn parish liturgy, but they didn’t add up.

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Kinda Incensed Over Incense

I felt reduced to a mere spectator, watching the priest dignify the objects of bread and wine and candle–symbols of the risen crucified one, indeed–but seemingly blind to the dignity of the baptized assembled for the great offering of praise and thanksgiving.

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Dateline: April 4th, Holy Saturday, Scammon Bay, Alaska

In any event, in this post I hope some readers might find a glimpse into the church at one edge of the North American continent, as well as into the heart or soul of a veteran pastoral minister struggling with the Missal text in service to the church’s liturgical tradition.

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A Homely Reminder of How Rote Ritual Is

So much of the analysis of liturgy remains focused on the words in the books or even the words recited or repeated in assemblies, and this with an uncritical, unarticulated assumption that the discursive content of those texts impact/shape the ideas or imaginations of most of the participants. The individual performances and ongoing practices of a rite/ritual/liturgy are so much more and most often a matter of non-discursive, semiotic (if you will) patterns …


Majority says new English Missal needs to be revised

From Vatican Insider at La Stampa: A debate has opened regarding the new translation of the Roman Missal, which priests often have to adapt, to make it easier for the congregation to understand

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Tablet Survey: Laity split over new Mass translation, clergy and religious mostly reject it, support high among Latin Mass traditionalists

Catholic opinion remains split down the middle over the new English text of the Mass, an online survey by The Tablet has revealed.

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More UK Reactions

Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ, writing for Thinking Faith, the British Jesuits’ online journal, has trenchantly defended the 1973 Missal’s rendering of Domine, non sum dignus.

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3/28 Press Statement from the Association of Catholic Priests

While some priests may welcome the new texts, it is clear that others will resist them, while many, maybe the majority, will accept them with a sense of resignation and without enthusiasm.

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