Interviewing Liturgical Leaders: Fr. Michael Joncas

“I think it is important to remember that liturgical participation in the Church’s rituals cannot capture the kingdom/reign of God, but can point to it and in some ways embody it. I think it is important that just as Brecht wanted his spectators not to achieve a cathartic release by submerging their critical and reflective thinking in identifying with the characters, so I believe those who participate fully, consciously and actively in the liturgy do so not to escape from reality but to encounter reality as envisioned in the kingdom/reign of God and leave the liturgy empowered by the Spirit to assist in the transformation of the world.”

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America on the new translation

“Can we talk about a new edition of the Missal, not someday, but soon? (A costly question, for sure, but something tells me that many a priest would gladly help foot the bill.) Can we keep talking, not letting weariness with the whole business or indifference or fear of reprisals prevent us from talking and listening to each other?” – Fr. Michael Ryan

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