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Wedding and the Liturgy of the Hours

How a liturgist celebrated his wedding within the Liturgy of the Hours, and why this might be a quite good idea.

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Judging custom

Now that we’ve discussed how customs arise in liturgical history, let’s turn to the principles by which they’re evaluated (in their pre-canonical period). This post takes some of the debate in the comment threads as examples of how these conversations normally go in the process of evaluation.

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Mandatum at a Wedding

After the vows, the couple washed each other’s feet, and then the feet of their new in-laws.


Faithfully Listening to the Assembly of the Faithful

Last March, I wrote that I’d like to see the conclave elect a pope who loves being part of great conversations. With the call from Pope Francis to the church to talk about how the Church relates to families, I think I got what I prayed for — and his questionnaire is filled with liturgical issues for us to wrestle with.

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Slowly but surely: new liturgical books on the way

Now that the new English translation of the Roman Missal is in place, five newly translated liturgical texts are moving through the process of revision and approval: Confirmation, Marriage, Dedication of a Church and an Altar, Exorcism; and a supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours.

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Royal Nuptials

Tomorrow’s the big day for the happy couple. See what they’re planning and what the celebrant has to say.

UPDATED with links to the service-bulletin pdf.

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