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A Catholic-Lutheran Service 500 Years After the Reformation

How Catholics and Lutherans in Austria celebrated an ecumenical service in April 2017.

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Lutheran St. Thomas Choir from Leipzig to sing at Mass with Pope Saturday

The famous Lutheran choir has sung in the Vatican before, but not at a liturgy.

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How a Lutheran Cardinal-Elector Might Vote

I received an email recently that rocked me to the core, first with laughter, and then with much more seriousness. It came from a Roman Catholic friend, inviting me to share “what a ‘Lutheran elector’ would be looking for in the next pope.” Is there some cardinal, anxious to hear a word from faithful voices beyond the boundaries of the Roman Catholic church? I can’t imagine a Lutheran being invited personally inside the conclave as an elector, or even as a delegate-observer. But perhaps it is not too much to dream that insights from a Lutheran might be taken into consideration, even if spoken in the quiet pre-conclave conversations in which the real electors are engaged and not during the conclave itself. So I replied to my friend, and thought I might share those reflections more publicly here as well, as they touch on much of what PrayTellBlog readers regularly discuss.

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A Gift from the Danish West Indies to New Jersey and New York

What do you say — how do you pray — in the aftermath of a hurricane?

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Reconciliation after 500 years

The Lutheran World Federation apologized to the Mennonites for cruel persecution of the Anabaptist movement by Lutherans.

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