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Posts Tagged Gender Roles

2016 CTSA Proceedings: Reports on Sacraments & Liturgy

The annual convention theme was “Justice and Mercy,” while a couple of the sessions addressed topics in sacramental and liturgical theology. Here are links to the newly e-published Proceedings.

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Generation LGBTQIA — In Church and at Worship?

An interesting article in Thursday’s New York Times about the new generation of gender activists, who define themselves beyond the older LGBT categories and name themselves as queer or gender-nonconforming, etc.

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May 30: Memorial Day/Memorial of St. Joan of Arc

Today — which in the U.S. this year happens to be Memorial Day — is also the anniversary of the death of St. Joan of Arc, who was burnt at the stake on May 30th in 1431. Probably not even twenty years old when she died, she continues to live in the popular imagination as a warrior, dressed in military armor, riding into battle.

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