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January 1st in the 17th century Chinese Liturgy

In 1670, following approval received in 1615 from Pope Paul V, a translation of the Roman Missal was published in classical Chinese. In the Missal, the feast on January 1st contains all the same readings as the Latin Roman Missal but bears a different title. Instead of the feast of the “Circumcision of the Lord,” the liturgical calendar names the day the “Establishment of the Holy Name of Jesus” (立耶穌聖名).

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Singing by Chinese Catholics

The singing is neither artful nor elegant, but the Chinese love to sing, and these Catholics know why they sing.


Chinese Architectural Mimicry

“In the West, copying signals a lack of imagination. But in China… ‘mimicry is actually a form of mastery, in a symbolic sense.'”

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Underground Liturgy in China: two questions

CNN has this story on a priest in China’s underground Church. There is a lot of footage of the liturgy, which seems quite interesting and raises two questions.

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