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A Catholic-Lutheran Service 500 Years After the Reformation

How Catholics and Lutherans in Austria celebrated an ecumenical service in April 2017.

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Universa Laus meeting, 2015

It is fascinating to see how liberal the German-speaking repertoire is when it comes to texts of the Order of Mass…. The Sanctus was sung in German to the music of Owen Alstott’s Heritage Mass.

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German Missal Translation: “Collapsed”

Two things led the German bishops to reject the new missal: the recent debacle of a failed translation of the burial rites, and a change of pope.

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Pope Francis at 100 Days: Voices from Europe

Across Europe, in Italy, France, Austria, and Germany, there is overwhelming praise for Pope Francis after 100 days in office. Even raising money has gotten easier.

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Liturgical Views of the Papabili: Christoph Schönborn

As an aesthetically sensitive man, Schönborn is a friend of tasteful modern vestments. But in Vienna it is part of the normal style of feast day liturgies that baroque vestments and other such things from the cathedral treasury are used. Normally one wouldn’t see the cardinal wearing liturgical clothes with Belgian lace.

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Brazilian Bishop Kräutler: Poll the World’s Bishops on Ordination Admission Requirements

“The question cannot be brushed aside any more, but presently everything is at a standstill.”

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The Bunny Scandal (UPDATED)

Well, it had to show up here eventually.

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A “Time of Testing” for Pastoral Ministers

Increasingly church ministers lament that they “went into ministry under completely different conditions, with completely different expectations.” Church workers report with ever greater frequency that they strive to be loyal to the church, but this makes them feel “disloyal to their own soul.”

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Austrian Priests Support the “Appeal to Disobedience” by a Wide Margin UPDATE 11-9

More than 70 percent of Austrian priests have a fundamentally positive view of the priests’ initiative for disobedience. Older priests are much more open to reform than their younger colleagues.

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Reform and Rebellion auf deutsch

Time magazine is covering the story now gaining attention around the world of more than 300 priests in Austria calling for open disobedience because of the hierarchy’s refusal to budge on issues such as mandatory celibacy, Communion for the remarried, and advocacy of women’s ordination.

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