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Archive for category Technology and Worship

Sharing Religious Life, Liturgy, and the Pursuit of Happiness on the Web

… the nuns’ turn to cyberspace is only the latest chapter in a long history of religious orders’ using the best means of communication.

Cloud Hymnal — a New, Digital Worship Resource and Music Tool

Cloud Hymnal is a multifaceted worship resource that includes, for example, an ever-growing library of new and old sacred music. Some music is newly composed by the Center for Music and Liturgy at St Thomas More, and some music is newly contributed by other members of the Cloud Hymnal. Additionally, there are 25,000 public domain sacred works offered. The music is easily searched and then shared online or printed.

Review of A Handbook for Catholic Preaching

Foley, Edward, gen. ed., with Catherine Vincie and Richard Fragomeni, ass. eds. A Handbook for Catholic Preaching. Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2016. Cosponsored by The Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics and The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, A Handbook for Catholic Preaching is an extraordinary resource. It provides in concise yet comprehensive format […]

Living the Eucharist, for Advent and Christmas – UPDATED

Paulist Evangelization Ministries has come out with a new app for Living the Eucharist, a popular parish-based program that has expanded to include offerings for Advent/Christmas.

“Beeswax for the Ages”

Demand has been so consistent that Cathedral Candle opened a new office last year in Syracuse.

Viewpoint: Bishop Robert Barron a Great Gift to the Church

Barron has lamented what he calls the “beige Catholicism” that developed after Vatican II (not because of Vatican II!). By this he meant a watered-down understanding of Catholicism that lacked conviction and was minimalistic in content and tone. “Beige Catholicism” sadly led to a colorless style of catechesis and liturgical practice.

Summer Visits to Famed Sanctuaries — Virtually

Now that summer is officially here, I wish to flag, for readers of this blog, the chance to visit some renowned sanctuaries – virtually. (If of course your summer travels happen to take you to Rome, France, and Germany this year, you might be able to see these sanctuaries and their treasures in brick-and-mortar, but […]

Non Solum: Electronic Giving and the Collection

What has been your experience of electronic giving? How does it affect the liturgy, specifically the collection?

At the movies

I am wondering if readers have examples to offer of liturgies depicted in movies or in fictional / dramatic television productions.

Assembly a little sleepy mid-Easter Vigil? No problem.

So we all know how, by the middle of the Easter Vigil, our attention can begin to wane and our eyes to grow heavy. Here is one way to wake everyone up and bring in Easter with a bang.