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Archive for category Popular Piety

Wreath of Christ

The small circlet of beads, worn on the wrist or carried in a pocket, becomes a memento of the sacred mysteries of life which he or she has considered in a personal and prayerful way.

Liturgy Lines: Aspects of Lent

As we remember the sufferings of Jesus, we are led into the celebration of Christ’s victory over death and into the renewal of our commitment to the life of faith at the Easter sacraments.

“Flash Mob – Catholic style!”

The bride was in tears at the performance and commented afterwards “We had the best day ever and absolutely everybody said that the church was their favorite part of the day.”

Pilgrimage Liturgies and Popular Piety

Pilgrimage is a vital expression of popular piety. The premier French institute of higher study of liturgy just held a conference exploring this phenomenon of pilgrimage – as experience, as theology, as liturgy. Here is a report of what they discussed.

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