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Archive for category New Missal Implementation

How many hands does it take…?

This year’s Easter Vigil was a real logistical ordeal for presiders.

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John Allen: the liturgy wars have gone quiet, but have not gone away.

John Allen’s take on the current mood with regard to the Missal translation.

A Mass lacking architectural integrity

Lots of things happened during a solemn parish liturgy, but they didn’t add up.

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Kinda Incensed Over Incense

I felt reduced to a mere spectator, watching the priest dignify the objects of bread and wine and candle–symbols of the risen crucified one, indeed–but seemingly blind to the dignity of the baptized assembled for the great offering of praise and thanksgiving.

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Universa Laus meeting, 2015

It is fascinating to see how liberal the German-speaking repertoire is when it comes to texts of the Order of Mass…. The Sanctus was sung in German to the music of Owen Alstott’s Heritage Mass.

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Seeking “Sacred” Silence

The “opening prayer” is a silent prayer done by “all in silence with the priest” (per the Roman Missal), with the priest truly functioning as a presider by leading all in the silent prayer and concluding it with the Collect.

Liturgical Translations: The Road Ahead

“Competing visions of how liturgy and language develop are embodied in the controversy surrounding translation. On the one hand, there is a vision of organic development, from the ground up, discerned and guided by the hierarchy. On the other, there is a vision of translators charged with producing a “sacral vernacular” expressing “timeless truths,” detached from changing circumstances on the ground. Which vision is correct? Is it possible to combine values from both perspectives?”


Dateline: April 4th, Holy Saturday, Scammon Bay, Alaska

In any event, in this post I hope some readers might find a glimpse into the church at one edge of the North American continent, as well as into the heart or soul of a veteran pastoral minister struggling with the Missal text in service to the church’s liturgical tradition.

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Francis, Bishops and the Missal: “Mission Intelligible”

A new moment calls for a bold new initiative. What are we waiting for?

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Eamon Duffy on the New Missal

“…the ghastly translation of the Missal which now afflicts us…”