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Cloud Hymnal — a New, Digital Worship Resource and Music Tool

Cloud Hymnal is a multifaceted worship resource that includes, for example, an ever-growing library of new and old sacred music. Some music is newly composed by the Center for Music and Liturgy at St Thomas More, and some music is newly contributed by other members of the Cloud Hymnal. Additionally, there are 25,000 public domain sacred works offered. The music is easily searched and then shared online or printed.

Chanting the texts of the liturgy, from Tim O’Malley at Church Life

Tim O’Malley has a fascinating opinion piece over at Church Life today. He’s in favor of chant, not instead of hymnody, but instead of reading. I have to admit I find this argument intriguing: Last Sunday, we went to the Melkite Liturgy on campus. The entire liturgy, as anyone knows who has attended Eastern liturgies, […]

Church Music across History, part II

Are there resources out there that feature music from the seventeenth-century, for example, or which provide samples from across church history?

Reading suggestions for history of church music?

A colleague of mine at Villanova University is putting together a course on church history and as part of this course she wants to give attention to the history of music used in / for worship. She and I are looking for suggestions for texts that address this topic. Please share your ideas here on PT.

CRCCM Composition Contest Results Announced

The winning antiphons were performed at the annual meeting of the Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians, January 4 – 8, held at Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hartford, CT and Saint Michael the Archangel Cathedral, Springfield, MA.


Opening Rites at Mass with Pope in Kenya

Look what happens in the dance between the opening Collect and the First Reading.

“Don’t Forget”: The Pope’s Final Mass in Philadelphia

All in all, “don’t forget” are some pretty fine words with which to end such a visit. I know that Pope John Paul’s visit to Chicago in the late 1970’s is still part of this city’s collective memory. I hope that in a similar way, the American Church will have a hard timing forgetting Francis’ visit.

VIDEO: “On Eagle’s Wings: Minnesota’s Sacred Music”

This one-hour documentary explores the dramatic shift in sacred music beginning in the 1960’s when major religions attempted to reach out to engage congregations. Minnesota is home to a significant number of highly accomplished songwriters and musicians who have helped bring new music to many faiths.

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Interviewing Liturgical Leaders: Margot Fassler

Knowing the liturgy and its sources and how to use them for building the church is the most important work we theologians have to do.


Hymnal Review: One in Faith

Kudos to the WLP hymnal committee for providing the church with so worthy a “worship aid” as One in Faith. The book presents today’s congregations with a mature guide into a distant future.