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Archive for category Music: Chant

Notes on the Introit and Collect of Trinity Sunday

For chant geeks and translation geeks.

Liturgy Lines: Singing the Pentecost Sequence

It is a challenge to liturgy planners to ensure that the sequence is a joyful expression of the feast in which all can participate…

Cuthbert Johnson, OSB, RIP – UPDATED 1-19

Abbot Emeritus Cuthbert Johnson, a key player in the “translation wars”, has died

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What to Do With the Filioque

The filioque debate is a well known ecumenical issue. I give my ideas for a viable solution, mainly with regard to the liturgy.

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Chanting the texts of the liturgy, from Tim O’Malley at Church Life

Tim O’Malley has a fascinating opinion piece over at Church Life today. He’s in favor of chant, not instead of hymnody, but instead of reading. I have to admit I find this argument intriguing: Last Sunday, we went to the Melkite Liturgy on campus. The entire liturgy, as anyone knows who has attended Eastern liturgies, […]

Another Gregorian hymn suggestion

Since it is not possible to place music examples in comments on a thread, here is a suggestion for Anthony’s first example.

Gregorian Melodies with Vernacular Hymn Texts: A Proposal

Here’s my dream: the U.S. bishops, or the bishops of ICEL, would standardize the melodic version of every hymn melody in the Liber Hymnarius for use with English hymn texts.

A New Vesperale for Sant’ Anselmo

This will interest serious chant geeks, and anyone who does layout of books and leaflets.

Wanted: Resources for Chanting the Psalter

This is a call out to Pray Tell participants for suggested resources for chanting the psalms daily. … My friend’s inquiry has left me “as lost as a Jesuit in Holy Week.”

A Liturgical Rubic’s Cube: Propers in the Byzantine Rite

It is not uncommon to hear the shuffling of papers in the choir and to hear the director giving a new pitch corresponding to the appointed tone.