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Lenten Fasting

Perhaps the point is not *this* shared penitential practice as opposed to the other practices but rather this *shared* penitential practice.

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Ars Praedicandi: Reflection from the Thursday after Ash Wednesday

“So as this Lent approached, I asked myself: How will I get through this Lent?”

Ars Praedicandi: Preaching and “Themes”

“Themes” in preaching the seasons: A good idea all of the time? A good idea some of the time? A good idea none of the time?

Liturgy Lines: Aspects of Lent

As we remember the sufferings of Jesus, we are led into the celebration of Christ’s victory over death and into the renewal of our commitment to the life of faith at the Easter sacraments.

What Are You Singing This Lent?

Lent must also lead us to experience, celebrate, and live out the grace of God’s mercy, to reveal and see in ourselves the goodness that God sees in us, as in all creation.

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Farewell to the Alleluia

In a few hours we will sing the final Alleluia before Lent in Innsbruck.

Lenten Resolutions to Consider from Our Regular Contributors

A blessed Lent to all!

Tough competition for Cyril and Methodius

The catholicity of the Church: “like a symphony of the various liturgies in all the world’s languages united in one single liturgy, or a melodious chorus sustained by the voices of unnumbered multitudes, rising in countless modulations, tones and harmonies for the praise of God from every part of the globe, at every moment of history…”

Dives and Lazarus: The Pope’s Lenten Message

What are you doing for Lent this year?

Feast of the Presentation: Open Thread

How did your church celebrate?