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What happens to all those flowers in a Corpus Christi procession?

The idea of festival excess is taken to a fabulous degree in the assembling of these floral designs that pass away after only a day.

Corpus Christi

Biblical verses from the Office of Corpus Christi.

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Ars praedicandi: IV Easter, Year A

And then someone starts to walk along side of me, and I tell him all my woes, and together we emerge from the dark forest, and the person I am walking with is still there and I weep and say, I can’t trust the Lord anymore. And that voice comes back: “Trust me.”

What Will Happen When The Charismatics Come to Rome for Pentecost? UPDATED

“At the elevation of the Mass, as [Pope Paul VI] raised first the Host and then the chalice, a gentle melody of prayer in tongues rose through the basilica. This has to have been the first time such a thing ever occurred in St. Peter’s…”

Liturgy Lines: Singing the Pentecost Sequence

It is a challenge to liturgy planners to ensure that the sequence is a joyful expression of the feast in which all can participate…

What is the Church? A reflection on the readings for Friday during the Easter Octave

“What is the Church?”

Simon Peter said to the other disciples, “I am going fishing.”

Simon Peter, the passionate. “Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and my head!”

Simon Peter, the spokesman. “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Simon Peter, the failure….

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Easter Sunday

Christ is risen indeed, alleluia!

This is the night!

It is 10:00pm. Here in Kabuga, Rwanda, the Easter Vigil has ended. The people rise from their pews, gather their belongings and begin heading toward the exit. The retinue of liturgical ministers has disappeared into the sacristy. Suddenly, a man runs up the steps of the sanctuary and lights his taper candle with the Paschal flame.

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Holy Saturday

There is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness.

Two Challenges from the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

I believe we need to expand the repertoire of prayers. The Roman Missal (n 13, Friday of the Passion of the Lord) foresees the possibility. I think it is time that we petition our diocesan bishops for prayers that address these “situations of grave public need.”