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Liturgy Lines: Weekday Liturgy

Services of the Word or the Liturgy of the Hours should never be considered as “second rate” alternatives, which we resort to only when a priest is unavailable…

Is Liturgical Reform Possible?

In my book, I suggested that we will know liturgical reform has been effective when our Orthodox people are Paschal in every aspect of their lives.

Lazarus is a Little Boy from Burma

Just as the rich man longed for Lazarus to dip his finger in cool water, the little boy’s tears began trickling into my consciousness; sitting on my organ bench, I began to wonder not “how could someone ignore the suffering in their midst,” but how “could I ignore the suffering in my midst?”

Ritual Words in an Age of Drivel

I wonder how our instinctual distrust of the words spoken by so many people public figures colors the way most people hear the words spoken in and by the Church.

A modern-day Litany of Martyrs

Her imprint, Wondaland Records, released a song in 2015 that I can only call a “litany of martyrs.” Not so much a tribute to Black Lives Matter as a tributary of that movement, it turns the formula and slogan “Say his name! … Say her name!” into a litanic refrain…

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Ars Praedicandi: Why Lent?

Today, brothers and sisters, God is inviting us to become his shining lights, the givers and forgivers who have the courage the make friends out of enemies, to feed the poor and receive their riches in return, and to welcome the stranger and the sinner, even asking for their prayers.

When Does Christmas End?

Let’s not rush the season of Ordinary Time.

I believe, Lord, help my unbelief

In what ways do our liturgies manifest a faith that has no space for wrestling with God? In what ways do our liturgies manifest a confident faith that also is honest about struggle and question?

Ars Praedicandi: The Pledge of the Eternal Banquet

If today’s parable presents an image of God who desires us, who will go to the ends of the world to bring human beings to him, what can we say about our desire to be with God?

The Gospel of Christmas Day

“No wonder people don’t get it. Churchgoers at Christmas expect a tableau. John, instead, gives us a trajectory—from the dawn of time to the gift of salvation.”