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Sharing Religious Life, Liturgy, and the Pursuit of Happiness on the Web

… the nuns’ turn to cyberspace is only the latest chapter in a long history of religious orders’ using the best means of communication.

The Missal of Zaire and the Committee to Review Liturgiam Authenticam

The experience of liturgy in Congo raises important questions about how the directives of Liturgiam authenticam can be brought into relationship with other developments in the post-Vatican II church.

Notes on the Committee to Revise Liturgiam Authenticam

The task, the people, and the limitations to what we can expect.

Viewpoint: Multicultural Ministry Needs a New Perspective

The newer ethnic and immigrant communities are not the problem; mainstream U.S. Catholic culture is…

Fruit of the Vine or Cup of Devils?

Some creative communion stewards chose to make their own unfermented sacramental wine. One recipe called for adding a pound of hand-squashed raisin pulp—dried grapes—to a quart of boiling water. Later in the process, the “winemaker” was to add an egg white. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Liturgy, Culture, and Social Justice

“This wasn’t Hollywood or show time or even the folk festival. It was prayer and witness, an offering before God that we were invited to share as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

New Habits for the New Year?: Updated

“We wanted to go back to the essence of the message of the habit: we are one with the people around us.”

January 1st in the 17th century Chinese Liturgy

In 1670, following approval received in 1615 from Pope Paul V, a translation of the Roman Missal was published in classical Chinese. In the Missal, the feast on January 1st contains all the same readings as the Latin Roman Missal but bears a different title. Instead of the feast of the “Circumcision of the Lord,” the liturgical calendar names the day the “Establishment of the Holy Name of Jesus” (立耶穌聖名).

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New Marian Shrine at Christ Cathedral

On Wednesday, the seventh, Bishop Kevin Vann of the Diocese of Orange, announced that there will be a shrine in the Marian plaza surrounding the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of La Vang. The Diocese of Orange has some 100,000 Vietnamese Catholics, worshipping throughout the diocese, with large communities in fifteen parishes. Our Lady of […]

What Could Follow upon Liturgiam Authenticam? How Could the English Missal Be Improved?

It seems likely that Pope Francis would be interested in reexamining the issue of liturgical translation, given his interest in decentralization and greater respect for local and national churches.