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New Habits for the New Year?: Updated

“We wanted to go back to the essence of the message of the habit: we are one with the people around us.”

January 1st in the 17th century Chinese Liturgy

In 1670, following approval received in 1615 from Pope Paul V, a translation of the Roman Missal was published in classical Chinese. In the Missal, the feast on January 1st contains all the same readings as the Latin Roman Missal but bears a different title. Instead of the feast of the “Circumcision of the Lord,” the liturgical calendar names the day the “Establishment of the Holy Name of Jesus” (立耶穌聖名).

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New Marian Shrine at Christ Cathedral

On Wednesday, the seventh, Bishop Kevin Vann of the Diocese of Orange, announced that there will be a shrine in the Marian plaza surrounding the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of La Vang. The Diocese of Orange has some 100,000 Vietnamese Catholics, worshipping throughout the diocese, with large communities in fifteen parishes. Our Lady of […]

What Could Follow upon Liturgiam Authenticam? How Could the English Missal Be Improved?

It seems likely that Pope Francis would be interested in reexamining the issue of liturgical translation, given his interest in decentralization and greater respect for local and national churches.

Cardinal Onaiyekan on inculturation

“The Eucharist deserves — and is receiving — the best of our cultures.”


Lazarus is a Little Boy from Burma

Just as the rich man longed for Lazarus to dip his finger in cool water, the little boy’s tears began trickling into my consciousness; sitting on my organ bench, I began to wonder not “how could someone ignore the suffering in their midst,” but how “could I ignore the suffering in my midst?”

Liturgical variations and distractions

No one much minds when people choose to stand up and sit down. I should feel like a lamb chop in a vegan restaurant if I stood up while everyone else was kneeling. They don’t feel like that, obviously, as one or two old ladies will stand, like the boy on the burning deck, when all but they have knelt.

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Guitar Masses and Faith Formation

A “guitar Mass Catholic” speaks.

Liturgy and Patriotism

A recent survey of Protestant pastors found that 61% felt it was important to incorporate patriotic elements into July 4th worship, even though 53% suspect that their congregations love America more than God.

Holy Doors of Mercy

I wonder what experiences people are having with the opened Holy Doors during this extraordinary Jubilee Year? The website of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops describes these doors as “one of the central components of the Jubilee of Mercy.”

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