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Archive for category Homiletics

Ars Praedicandi: Preaching Church History

As often happens when a new bishop comes to town and tells everyone that they have been doing things wrong, particularly with regard to prayer and liturgy, the people of Constantinople would have none of this. They had called Mary “Mother of God” for years and were not about to change because of some bishop’s theological qualms.

Ars Praedicandi: Thirteenth Sunday of Luke (Orthodox)

When we leave here today, filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit, we will confront the message lingering from Black Friday: buy things! Gather possessions!

Ars Praedicandi: The First Sunday of Advent

I love Gandhi’s description of truth. Truth is a giant tree, a giant oak. And there it stands at the top of Isaiah’s mountain that we are all climbing.

Ed Foley’s Homily for the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

To suggest that I am unenthusiastic about being in the pulpit this morning after such a shocking and chaotic week is an understatement…

Donald Trump Teaches Preaching

…I’m simply suggesting that reflecting on his speaking style is of value (as is reflecting on the speaking style of other communicators)

Greg Kandra on Homilies: Keep it simple, already!

You would think some of these guys had never heard a homily before.

Ritual Words in an Age of Drivel

I wonder how our instinctual distrust of the words spoken by so many people public figures colors the way most people hear the words spoken in and by the Church.

How Long Should the Homily Be?

The average homily of Pope Francis has about 961 words.

Liturgy and Civic Strife

I invite readers to share their experiences of liturgies that did or did not address these large issues of our day.

Preparing for a reflection

I was asked to preach at a Vespers service at the Institute for Church Life here at Notre Dame last week, and they very kindly hosted the reflection on the Church Life website. The topic is the Easter season for those of us in academic life, who are extremely rushed right now. “Easter in the […]