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Archive for category Environment and Ecology

Leonardo Boff Interview: “Pope Francis is One of Us”

Pope Francis told Boff not to send the requested materials for Laudato Si’ directly to him, because Vatican underlings would grab it and it wouldn’t get to him.

Pope Francis on Saint Francis

St. Francis was a mystic and a pilgrim who lived in simplicity and in wonderful harmony with God, with others, with nature and with himself.

Penitential Rite Praxis

OK, I’m really not trying to engage in “liturgy shaming,” but I do think that this video of the penitential rite from the LA Religious Education Congress does raise some questions concerning proper liturgical praxis

Merry Christmas! A liturgical logic puzzle as a gift from me to you

I made this puzzle on a whim to stump my son (so far, it’s working). Use the clues to solve this logic puzzle. No cheating by using information you just happen to know! (There is a downloadable version you can open with a word processor and edit at the bottom.)

There are five churches right in a row from East to West on a little street in Maintown, USA…

The Yale ISM Review, Fall Issue on Water

The Fall issue of The Yale ISM Review asks us to reflect on how we invite people to the waters of baptism, how we conserve the natural gift of water, and how we celebrate the seasons of creation in the church’s worship.

Pope establishes “World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation” on Sept. 1

The first proposal for a joint date was put forward by the Metropolitan of Pergamum Zizioulas, representative of the Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew, who spoke at the Vatican last June.