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The Views of the New Cardinals on Church and Liturgy

Pray Tell readers will be interested in the liturgical and ecclesial views of Francis’s appointees.

Pope Francis Appoints New Official at CDW

García Macías is president of the Spanish Association of Professors of Liturgy and translator of a book by Piero Marini.

Who’s on the Vatican Commission to Study Women Deacons

Today the Vatican announced the makeup of the commission to study the history of women deacons. There are twelve members, six men and six women. Here are a few observations and facts about them.

The End of the ‘Reform of the Reform’: The Brief History of a Self-Referential Delusion

The combination of three little events, only tangentially connected, have in recent days marked out an important moment for the Catholic liturgy.

Disambiguating the “quod” clause in GIRM section 299

The Latin of a controversial rubric in the Roman Missal is inherently ambiguous. Neither a Vatican clarification nor strong comments from participants on both sides of the liturgical spectrum have made it less so.

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Cardinal Sarah asks priests to start celebrating Mass facing east this Advent

“The liturgy is not about you and I,” Cardinal Sarah told the conference.

Cardinal Sarah on Mass Not Facing the People

What the Council fathers exactly wanted?

An Australian Aboriginal Mass

This article explores one attempt by the Australian Church soon after Vatican II to take seriously the council’s mandate to adapt the liturgy to the needs of its indigenous peoples. The Australian Aboriginal Mass is a unique example that continues to be a catalyst for efforts at liturgical inculturation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholics.

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Messing Around with the Sacraments?

I suppose there are many people who “would like to live as if God did not exist” today – atheists, non-churchgoers, and so forth. But dear Cardinal Sarah, unlike you, I wouldn’t include my fellow Catholics in liturgical ministry in that group!

Andrea Grillo on Translation

The German bishops reportedly will not submit any translations to Rome for approval as long as Liturgiam authenticam is in effect.