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Notes on the Committee to Revise Liturgiam Authenticam

The task, the people, and the limitations to what we can expect.

Who Is on the Commission to Revise Liturgiam Authenticam

A leaked list of members of the Vatican commission to revise Liturgiam authenticam has appeared. It represents a wide range of opinions on questions of liturgy, translation, reform, and church.

Who Cares about Liturgy?

I think this notion that “Pope Francis doesn’t care about liturgy” needs to be revised. He cares; he just has not acted in the way many people expect a person who “cares about liturgy” to act.

Cuthbert Johnson, OSB, RIP – UPDATED 1-19

Abbot Emeritus Cuthbert Johnson, a key player in the “translation wars”, has died

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What Could Follow upon Liturgiam Authenticam? How Could the English Missal Be Improved?

It seems likely that Pope Francis would be interested in reexamining the issue of liturgical translation, given his interest in decentralization and greater respect for local and national churches.

Update: Archbishop Piero Marini

We continue to hold him in prayer.

Martin Klöckener in Interview: Was Missal Translation an Issue in the Naming of the 27 New CDW Members?

Perhaps Pope Francis named Bishop Morerod and Bishop Aubertin to the Congregation for Divine Worship because of the controversy around the translation of the missal.

Press Roundup: Reactions to Yesterday’s Liturgy Appointments by the Pope

Commentators have not been shy in naming the significance of the shift.

Cardinal Onaiyekan on inculturation

“The Eucharist deserves — and is receiving — the best of our cultures.”


Pope Names 27 Bishops Advisors to Vatican CDW

Among those named is Archbishop Piero Marini. Departing are Cardinals Burke, Pell, and Piacenza.