Poll: Which service music (Mass) setting will your community use during Advent?

Which Mass setting, which service music, will your community use during Advent? Share your response in the comments below!



  1. Kyrie (and Glory to God when called for) – Psallite Mass by Joncas.
    Advent Alleluia – Joncas
    Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations: Storrington Mass – Haugen
    Lamb of God: Psallite Mass – Joncas

    Same for Christmas except the Christmastime Alleluia by Chepponis is used.

  2. Kyrie from The Glendalough Mass (Liam Lawton)
    Alleluia based on Veni Emmanuel (Stephen Pishner)
    Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations based on Land of Rest (Marcia Pruner)
    The Lord’s Prayer (Steven Warner)
    Lamb of God (Ralph Stewart)

    1. Hello Father Tom. This is Linda Evans from St Cyril. I hope this is you. How are you. Miss you. Hope all is well. BTW. You will always be Father Tom.

  3. Kyrie: Mass of Remembrance
    Advent / Christmas Alleluia – Haas
    Sanctus, Mystery of Faith, Amen, Agnus Dei: Mass of Creation

  4. Taking our cue from the readings, we will have an overall theme of joyful anticipation.

    Our custom is that Mass settings rotate every Sunday or two, which both the musicians and the assembly appreciate. We will be using at least three of these during Advent and all four by the end of Christmastime:
    – Mass of a Joyful Heart, Steve Angrisano
    – Mass of Joy and Peace, Tony Alonso
    – Mass of St. Ann, Ed Bolduc
    – Mass for a New World, David Haas

    Alleluia – “Song Of Waiting” by Greg Pierson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqgSjLt2aVk)
    (For copyright/permission information, go to (https://pierson-youngproject.com/)

  5. Proulx: Missa Emmanuel. With Agnus Dei by Gerard Bradley (arranged around the Veni Emmanuel theme for the seminary community at Wonersh )
    (At other times we use Walker: Celtic and Farrell: Mass of Hope)

  6. Kyrie – Missa XVI
    Gospel Acclamation – VENI EMMANUEL, my arrangement
    Sanctus – Missa XVIII
    Mysterium fidei, Amen, Pater noster – Graduale Romanum
    Agnus Dei – Missa XVIII
    all of the above a cappella

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