Conversational Latin at Cornell

Wanna improve your spoken Latin? Cornell is the place to go, it seems. In a coup for classics there, Daniel Gallagher has been won to their faculty. Gallagher, formerly a monsignor, worked for a decade in the Vatican translating Latin. (I hadn’t known he left the priesthood to marry and start a family.) The Cornell alum mag reports:

When he [Gallagher] joined the Cornell faculty, says colleague Michael Fontaine, “it sort of shook the world of classics.” Gallagher’s hiring, Fontaine says, “is a colossal coup for us. It was an unbelievable alignment of the stars, where an American who is widely regarded as one of the world’s great experts on using Latin as an active, living language decides to give up the priesthood and to accept an appointment with us.”

Read about how Gallagher teaches Latin, including conversational Latin, here.



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  1. If only … when I was studying Latin at school / university. Would I have has the nerve?
    But a very interesting comment in the side box of the Cornell Alumni Magazine page: “As a Latin translator, you have to decide: Are you going to translate it literally? … Or do you want to convey the idea in a way that maybe the ancients could get a sense of it if they were here?”

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