All Saints’ Day

All Saints Day I by Wassily Kandinsky

“People have always turned to the saints as to friends of Christ, in order to secure help. This help is not simply an act of condescension, for in answer to prayer the saints intervene by broadening the horizon of the devotee, revealing the ‘meaning’ of the latter’s personal lot, and showing this to be connected with the history of salvation, that is, with the manifestation of glory. The successful outcome of intercession, namely, the favor, even a material one (the petition for this is obviously a sign of faith) leads to a secondary end: the important thing for the devotees is that they find themselves directed toward God, able now to grasp the meaning of the events of their lives; they experience a revival of faith, hope, and especially charity as the ‘bond of perfection.’ In other words, it is important that the very being of the devotees be directed toward holiness.”

— Fernando and Gioia M. G. Lanzi, Saints and Their Symbols: Recognizing Saints in Art and Popular Images, Matthew J. O’Connell, tr.,  Liturgical Press, 2004; p. 10.


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