How Do You Paint Christ?

We are perhaps not always aware of the challenges faced by the artist in making Christian art. How do you depict someone who is fully divine and fully human? How do you depict God? These are questions artist have struggled with for centuries.

The National Gallery has created a wonderful video series called The Audacity of Christian Art that takes up questions such as these. Here is the trailer for the series:

The Series:

  1. The Problem with Christ.
  2. Christ is Not Like a Snail: Signs and Symbols.
  3. Putting God in His Place: Here, Everywhere, and Nowhere.

One comment

  1. To complicate matters, we have the even more puzzling question of IF we paint God the Father. In the First Millennium and into the Second Millennium, Christians normally shrank back from answering yes to that question, with God the Father figured, if at all, via devices such as light itself (even light through glass, too, dimensionally, as it were), the all-seeing Eye, or a Hand, for example.

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