Liturgical Press Awarded the Frederick R. McManus Award

Thursday night, Liturgical Press was awarded the Frederick R. McManus Award from the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions. Every year this award is given an organization or person who has been committed to furthering the liturgical renewal here in the United States. Previous winners include Kevin Irwin, Godfrey Diekmann, and Pray Tell’s very own Michael Joncas.



  1. Congratulations to Liturgical Press, and to Peter Dwyer whose good leadership over many years has enabled this undertaking to continue to thrive so well.

    I wonder if there were some remarks that could be shared here? Usually there is a statement of why the award recipient was chosen, and some comments made upon its acceptance. I would like to read these texts if they are available, and I think they would also enlarge our readers knowledge of what Liturgical Press has done and is doing. Modesty is a virtue, but when accepting an award it’s time to enjoy the praise!

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