New Summer Music-Liturgy Camp for Youth at Saint John’s

In a letter sent late last week to key sponsors, organizations, team members, and past participants, David Haas and Lori True announced that their high-energy, highly influential Music Ministry Alive program will no longer hold its summer youth camp at St. Catherine University in St. Paul Minnesota.

The spirit of Music Ministry Alive will launch into a successor program to be held on the grounds of Saint John’s Abbey and University next summer, June 26-July 1, 2018, with coordination with the neighboring College of Saint Benedict. The new program is supported by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. MMA team leaders Matt Reichert, Zack Stachowski, and Jes Garceua are the young people heading up the new adventure.

The letter from Haas and True states,

“This indeed is good news and David and I [Lori True] could not be more pleased and proud of these courageous, wonderful people. We strongly believe that God is calling us to this new day… We believe it is important that all understand this to be a brand new program that will have its own unique and new name… With all new initiatives under heaven, this too will need your support, love and prayer.”

Haas and True spoke of being “at an interesting crossroad…  as we discerned this very difficult decision” to end MMA. “This certainly is a time for great rejoicing, and of course, it is also a time to grieve.” At the same time, they announced that another new initiative will be launched very soon called The Music Ministry Alive Institute. Information will be coming soon about these small ministerial experiences.

“There is much to celebrate,” Haas and True write. Plans are underway for a party/concert to celebrate the 19 years of MMA. The program has served over 2,500 young people since it first began.

Congratulations, gratitude, and best wishes to David and Lori!

Godspeed to Matt, Zack, and Jes!




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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations.

    But… Can anyone explain why this change is taking place? David, tell us what really happened. I’m not critical, just interested and curious. Institutional homes and backing usually tell a story, no? Saying “it’s a new day” is a way of saying nothing. Is it all too terribly secret?

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