Byzantine Catholic Daily Vespers -Subscription Service

There is a new email subscription service for Daily Vespers from Eastern Christian Publications. The Daily Vespers, just like the BDO Hours that they have been sending out the past few years, will include access to all three different versions, Clergy, Reader Service and Propers:

  1. Clergy: The full text of Daily Vespers with all litanies, blessings and all changeable parts;  the Prayers of Light are provided as a separate Appendix file.
  2. Reader Service: Daily Vespers for the laity in the world with common texts and all changeable parts.
  3. Propers: The changeable parts of Daily Vespers including stichera, theotokia, prokeimena and apostichera.

You can get Daily Vespers for $12 per month or $6 per month for students, religious and senior or you combine Daily Vespers with The Hours for $18 per month or $9 per month students, religious and seniors.

Subscribe here.




  1. I should point out that ECP is run by a Greek Catholic member (who I believe is an ordained reader) of the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church of Pittsburgh and all sources are from the approved books and translation used by that Church. While some members of that Church would say that they are ‘Orthodox in Communion with Rome,’ it could be mis-construed from the title of the article that these are Orthodox texts and not Greek (Byzantine) Catholic.

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