Wow! New NPM Website

Wow. Just wow.

The new website of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians just went live – check it out here. The comparison to the old site is, to say the least, striking.

Lots of into and resources available to anyone. But also some really great premium content available only to NPM members. All the more reason to join NPM!

And I know a guy who will be offering some Gregorian Chant and some theology of music podcasts in the premium content section. 🙂

Hats off to outgoing president Fr. Rick Hilgartner, and incoming president Steve Petrunak. It’s wonderful to see such momentum from NPM, the largest association of Catholic Church musicians.





  1. Steve Petrunak said this morning that all the premium content will be available to everyone, non-members and members alike, for three weeks from today. The logging-in process for members will begin then, and non-members will no longer have access.

  2. Nope that is not working I cannot get into anything I keep getting a message that says login put your password in but there’s no place I can put my password in help

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