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Archive for March, 2017

German Catholic Bishop Opposes Women Deacons

Bishop Voderholzer expects no surprises from Pope Francis’s commission to examine the question of female deacons

Non Solum: What Does Baptism and Penitence Sound Like in Lent?

How is your music going at the Sunday liturgies of Lent? What styles and genres of music are you using for the service music, antiphons, and hymns and songs?

Significant New Church in Kansas

…Next week, following the formal opening of the building, Pray Tell Blog will have an article featuring the architecture firm, Fr. Richard Vosko, the liturgical consultant, and information about the building and the building process from the church itself.

Vatican Radio: German Bishop for Female Deacons

The possible ordination of female deacons is a “sign of the times,” Bishop Fürst said.

German Lutheran Theologian Ready to Recognize the Bishop of Rome

One must make the most of every day this pope is with us, Schorlemme said.

Ars Praedicandi: Ed Foley’s Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A

That fact that such a quick fix approach
is rampant among preachers and bloggers.
Is evident to me in the number of them
who suggested preaching on the text “Amazing Grace”
with its “once I was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”
Is it really that simple?
And if not,
what is the alternative to quick fix Sunday?

The Missal of Zaire and the Committee to Review Liturgiam Authenticam

The experience of liturgy in Congo raises important questions about how the directives of Liturgiam authenticam can be brought into relationship with other developments in the post-Vatican II church.

Non solum: A Creative Way to Pray the Intercessions

All are invited to say their intentions aloud.

Cloud Hymnal — a New, Digital Worship Resource and Music Tool

Cloud Hymnal is a multifaceted worship resource that includes, for example, an ever-growing library of new and old sacred music. Some music is newly composed by the Center for Music and Liturgy at St Thomas More, and some music is newly contributed by other members of the Cloud Hymnal. Additionally, there are 25,000 public domain sacred works offered. The music is easily searched and then shared online or printed.

Lenten Fasting

Perhaps the point is not *this* shared penitential practice as opposed to the other practices but rather this *shared* penitential practice.

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