la-1474064124-snap-photoAs The Orange County Register reported yesterday, the 10th of February,

“after several months of agonizing over cost estimates and design plans, Bishop Kevin Vann [blessed] the Christ Cathedral sanctuary before it is sealed off to be renovated into a Catholic cathedral.  … Yesterday’s event [was] an opportunity for everyone involved in the project – contributors, parishioners, architects, engineers, designers and volunteers – to sign their names and write their prayers on the concrete floor of the building before construction begins.”

Approximately 7 to 12 million more dollars will need to be raised to complete the Cathedral, but the diocese is confident that this will be done before the expected completion in October of 2018. 

Pray Tell has covered the evolution of the famed Philip Johnson-designed former Chrystal Cathedral into the new Christ Cathedral extensively, by Johnson Fain, from the initial concepts, until the approval of the final design in September of 2016. 

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