The National Catholic Reporter has published a story featuring the concerns of individuals who find it hard to hear, and how this affects their participation at Mass. Although earmild to moderate hearing loss is a common phenomenon, especially among older parishioners, there is not always an awareness of it and accommodations may not be made for their needs at church.

“Hearing loss is the invisible disability,” Ely told NCR. “People don’t make allowances for it.”

People using wheelchairs often will have doors opened for them. Even people who have had lifelong hearing impairment can find sign language Masses. All of these are good, emphasized Ely, but he would like to extend that kind of sensitivity towards those like himself.

The article discussed practical “fixes” using technology, but also noted that the human dimension of this challenge — removing barriers such as anger and pride that can stand in the way of getting help — is also formidable.

You can read the whole story here.

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