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Archive for December, 2016

Ars Praedicandi: Preaching Church History

As often happens when a new bishop comes to town and tells everyone that they have been doing things wrong, particularly with regard to prayer and liturgy, the people of Constantinople would have none of this. They had called Mary “Mother of God” for years and were not about to change because of some bishop’s theological qualms.

New Year’s Resolutions

As we come to the end of the calendar year and a new year begins, it is natural to take stock and ask, “How can I make my life better during the coming year?” It’s not all a matter of chance, after all. We have the potential to make decisions which can shape our lives.

Geneviève Noufflard

She was one of the three secretaries of Père Joseph Gelineau, SJ, becoming his PA for many years and also accompanying him on many foreign trips as his interpreter.

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Ars Praedicandi: Holy Family as Model (?)

All too often we are being asked to imitate culturally and historically conditioned icons of the family that are retrojected onto a particular first-century family in Nazareth without much regard for what the Gospels actually tell us about that family.

What to Do With the Filioque

The filioque debate is a well known ecumenical issue. I give my ideas for a viable solution, mainly with regard to the liturgy.

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Liturgy Lines: Liturgical New Year Resolutions

…Perhaps this might be a good time for us to make some liturgical new year resolutions too.

This issue of: Yale ISM Review

Bach, the Magi, and the Grinch…

Leonardo Boff Interview: “Pope Francis is One of Us”

Pope Francis told Boff not to send the requested materials for Laudato Si’ directly to him, because Vatican underlings would grab it and it wouldn’t get to him.

Liturgy and Patience

Patience is not a substitute for the pursuit of justice and compassion in the world. It is a complement to that pursuit, borne up always by the gracious God who seeks to bring to completion the good work that he has begun.


What does a Hanukkah video mean to a Christian liturgist?

This was tonight’s Maccabeats Hanukkah video because tonight I attempted latkes for the first time (they’re good!). But also, it weaves together the meaning of food, family, and faith in a way that I find beautiful and admirable.

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