Living the Eucharist, for Advent and Christmas – UPDATED

iphone-device_white-bkg[UPDATE 11/21: Click here for a sample of the Advent reflections.]

It must be a trend. First we had a review of Phyllis Zagano’s new book of Advent/Christmas devotionals, and now here’s another announcement about a personal spiritual resource for the coming liturgical seasons.

Paulist Evangelization Ministries has come out with a new app for Living the Eucharist, a popular parish-based program that began with a Lenten focus, but is now branching out to include offerings for the Easter Season and Advent/Christmas.

Over 1,000 parishes have used the Lenten season components of Living the Eucharist so far, and those who have experienced it rate it very highly, both as a help to their spiritual lives, and something that increases their engagement with the liturgy.

The latest component is a daily devotional for Advent through the Christmas season, which you can access through the app. The content includes guidance on how to do Lectio Divina and the readings for the coming Sunday Eucharist, as well as the daily reflections which all prepare for the coming Sunday Eucharist. Full disclosure: I’m the author of this year’s Advent/Christmas reflections. 🙂

The app is free. The rest of the content is accessed as a download for $4.99. There’s a free preview, so you can judge for yourself if you like it, before you buy. And the whole thing is available in both English and Spanish. At present, the app is only available for android and iPhone.

I found the process of writing these essays inspiring and formative, and hope that those who read them will be moved to celebrate the seasons more fruitfully. My own bias is to believe that we get swept along with so much else we do at this time of year, that many of us can use help in simply retaining the spiritual focus of this time. Like any resource, it’s a personal decision whether or not one wants to use it. But it’s there. And that’s good.



    1. @Donna Eschenauer:
      Thanks, Donna! I believe your former parish used the Lenten program. I hope it went well for them, and that they find the Advent / Christmas reflections helpful.

      By the way, I’ve always known Living the Eucharist uses a multimedia, multi-pronged approach, but I had not viewed the videos they use with the youth component of the program. Then I caught one of these youth videos on the website of LaSallian young alumni group in Sydney, Australia (don’t ask), and it was very creative! It’s a court room drama, with a teen on trial for being a Catholic. The defense attorney tries to get her acquitted. Talk about a conversation-starter!

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