In a message sent out on social media today, John Limb made known his intention to step down sometime next year as Publisher of Oregon Catholic Press. Next year will be Limb’s twenty-fifth year as Publisher at OCP, a quarter century which he calls “the best years of [his] life.”

limbLimb emphasized that he “care[s] deeply about OCP – our staff, composers, custumors, and all our partners in ministry.” This decision is being made so as to allow for a smooth transition.

Limb met earlier in October with Archbishop Sample, bishop of Portland, to discuss his decision, and he notes that Sample was complimentary of his years of service to OCP. Limb expresses his gratitude to the archbishop for his support the past three years.

The Archbishop and the Board of Directors have asked Limb to be available to the OCP in an “emeritus” role for the next five years. This is intended to provide continuity, institutional memory, perspective, and strategic input.

Kathleen Doyle-White of Scout Search Inc., who has worked for OCP for many years, will lead the process of identifying and hiring a successor. This task will begin immediately.

Limb stated,

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve these many years as OCP’s Publisher.  The best part of the job has without a doubt been the people.  I could not have achieved anything were it not for your hard work.  Thank you for your support, for your friendship, and for the opportunity to serve God’s people at this very special place called OCP.

Oregon Catholic Press was founded as the Catholic Truth Society in 1922. It now employs over 150 people. OCP publishes liturgical music, books, choral collections, hymnals, missals, and support materials for the Catholic Church in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese.

Pray Tell wishes the very best to John, and to OCP!

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