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Archive for September, 2016

Pope Francis Continues Updating Papal Style

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Liturgical variations and distractions

No one much minds when people choose to stand up and sit down. I should feel like a lamb chop in a vegan restaurant if I stood up while everyone else was kneeling. They don’t feel like that, obviously, as one or two old ladies will stand, like the boy on the burning deck, when all but they have knelt.

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Friars against the monks! Monks against the friars!

Sometimes you uncover an old dispute simmering under the unassuming cover of a Hesburgh Library volume…

Liturgy Lines: “Arranging Priest, Assembly and Spaces”

To open up the issue of the arrangement of priest and assembly, we need to go to first principles and begin with the question, ‘who celebrates the liturgy?’ The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1136) answers simply and directly, Liturgy is an ‘action’ of the whole Christ.

German Liturgist: Loss of Celibacy Would Not Be Progress

The readiness to present myself for ordination as a priest presupposes the willingness not merely to make available my working hours and working abilities, but rather to let my very self be taken in service.

Andrew Sullivan: I Used to Be a Human

If the churches came to understand that the greatest threat to faith today is not hedonism but distraction, perhaps they might begin to appeal anew to a frazzled digital generation.

Lund and the Quest for Christian Unity

Jesus Christ, Lord of the church, send your Holy Spirit! Illumine our hearts and heal our memories…

Pray Tell Live: Plenum Panel Discussion

One Song, Many Voices/Many Voices, One Song: Making It Work

This issue of Antiphon

From this issue of Antiphon September 2016. Vol. 20. No. 2

Viewpoint: By the Age of Ten, Young Catholics Are Losing Their Faith