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Archive for August, 2016

Holding Eucharist as Central

By all means, let us look again at power and authority in the Church, and consider ways to reform its use and avoid abuses. But not by relinquishing the real strength of our tradition, which holds Eucharist as central.

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Survey Says: Post-Christendom Christianity

This megatrend raises all sorts of questions for those of us involved in liturgical ministry and in the academic study of liturgy, but for today I’ll ask just one: What is the best attitude to take in the face of a shrinking church?

How Many Times Do I Need to Read Genesis?

Our engagement with revelation—from Genesis to the traditions of faith cultivated by the Christian churches—can never stop, rest, or cease, but only continue.

Holy Doors of Mercy, II

I wondered what experiences others were having with the opened Holy Doors.

Changes in NPM Leadership

The process is now underway to find a full-time president and CEO.

Conclusions Regarding the Female Diaconate

By Peter Hünermann. From Women Deacons? Essays with Answers, ed. Phyllis Zagano

Pope Francis on Formation of Seminarians

“We need to truly understand this: in life not all is black on white or white on black. No! The shades of gray prevail in life.”

ACP Excellence in Publishing Awards

Many of the winning books will be of interest to Pray Tell readers.

Women and the Diaconate: Threading the Historical Needle

Reading Cipriano Vagaggini’s essay “The Ordination of Deaconesses in the Greek and Byzantine Traditions” has prompted me to reflect on the difficulties posed in mounting historical arguments of either side in the debate, and what might count as sufficient historical precedent in changing Church practice.

Gathering and Eschatology

How often do we and our assemblies view gathering as a mere sociological happening? Or perhaps as a mere prelude to worship? How often do we reflect on our gathering as playing a role in a / the eschatological drama?

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