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Archive for May, 2016

An Autobiographical Review of J.B. Metz’s Influence on Liturgical Theology

For me, J. B. Metz’s Faith in History and Society provided the key conceptualization for why the Christian religion struggles in late-modern North Atlantic societies, as well as how in this context to think afresh the relationship between liturgy and ethics, “mysticism and politics.”

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A modern-day Litany of Martyrs

Her imprint, Wondaland Records, released a song in 2015 that I can only call a “litany of martyrs.” Not so much a tribute to Black Lives Matter as a tributary of that movement, it turns the formula and slogan “Say his name! … Say her name!” into a litanic refrain…

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Ars praedicandi: Corpus Christi

In the monastery dinning room at St. John’s Abbey, there is a little room off to the side we call the snack room.

A Liturgical Rubic’s Cube: Propers in the Byzantine Rite

It is not uncommon to hear the shuffling of papers in the choir and to hear the director giving a new pitch corresponding to the appointed tone.

Squabbles over the French-Language Missal Translation

One French bishop had this comment: “It is most surprising that, at a time when the pope insists on inculturation and synodality, a text voted on by 120 French bishops is blocked by one lone cardinal.”

Loris Francesco Capovilla, RIP

Here’s one under-reported aspect of Capovilla’s story, and it has to do with Pope Francis.

Mass in Vernacular at the Council

Most of the Council fathers experienced for the first time on this day a celebration of Mass in the Roman rite in a language other than Latin.

Cardinal Sarah on Mass Not Facing the People

What the Council fathers exactly wanted?

Viewpoint: The Holy Year, Part Two: The Corporal Works of Mercy

I would like to propose the corporal works of mercy as a way of participating in the Holy Year.

John Allen: the liturgy wars have gone quiet, but have not gone away.

John Allen’s take on the current mood with regard to the Missal translation.