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Archive for February, 2016

Against Liturgy Shaming

As Catholics we’re still learning how to navigate the tides of the Internet effectively without falling into worldly and often sinful habits. – See more at:

Footwashing: An Action for Lent?

It may leave behind a damp floor, but for those who have taken part it will have communicated a renewed vision of the church.

Viewpoint: Holy Thursday Washing of Women’s Feet Now Official

The matter of the washing of feet of women is likely to be omitted on Holy Thursday by a negative attitude toward women in the liturgy generally. Seminary faculty should make known to their seminarians in a positive spirit the fundamental contents of the recent Decree and the fundamental theology underlying it.

Ars praedicandi: Second Sunday of Lent

Many of the mystics of the Christian tradition of east and west have spoken about personal experiences of illumination, when things become suddenly clear and understood.

Did Pope Francis Sign on to A Declaration Implicitly Critical of the Ordinariate’s Founding?

“’Uniatism,’ understood as the union of one community to the other, separating it from its Church, is not the way to re–establish unity.”

Pope Francis’s Real Presences

Pope Francis’s presence at the Mexican-U.S. border, and especially his way of highlighting the plight of migrants, was rich in symbolism.  And yes, with that it also spoke volumes against certain politicians’ derogatory words about migrants.  But almost more intriguing for me were the recalibrations of “presence” that were taking place during Pope Francis’s visit […]

National Catholic Youth Choir: Spread the Word!

Merit-based scholarships of $500 available to first-time participants.

Liturgical Study Club 2016

Which is more significant for the liturgical experience—sacred time or sacred space?

Pope Francis at Mass with indigenous peoples in Chiapas

Yes, local indigenous languages were used in the liturgy; and the Pope even began and ended his sermon by quoting from psalm 19 in an indigenous language. He went one step further in quoting from the Popol Vuh, the Mayan creation myth, and expressing appreciation for indigenous wisdom, especially with regard to nature and the […]

Antonin Scalia & the “Last Rites”

In case you are as frustrated as I am with the glib reporting of “last rites” being administered to Antonin Scalia many hours after his death, or you have your friends asking you about this, here is a quick map from Paul Turner’s website, of the complications surrounding the “last rites”: Send to Kindle