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Archive for January, 2016

Applications Being Received for 2016 ‘Music Ministry Alive!’ Liturgical Musical Institute

The theme for this year’s institute is “With the Eyes of Mercy.”

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IEC Gathering Focuses Light on Local Issues in the Philippines

“I cannot understand why it is taking a long time for Rome to decide,” the Cebu archbishop said, adding that the celebration of the Eucharist was not just a personal matter among priests, but was meant for the community as well.


Viewpoint: Lay Ecclesial Ministry Programs Need Careful Implementation

Lay ecclesial ministry is still in the early stages of implementation and, understandably, exhibits some growing pains. Among these are a lack of clarity about this ministry and some exorbitant claims made for it.


Reading suggestions for history of church music?

A colleague of mine at Villanova University is putting together a course on church history and as part of this course she wants to give attention to the history of music used in / for worship. She and I are looking for suggestions for texts that address this topic. Please share your ideas here on PT.

The Great and Holy Council: Who, When, Why?

In the Orthodox orbit, there are two prevailing perspectives on the council. The first perspective rejoices that the long-awaited council is finally imminent. The second perspective views the council as dubious.

Massive Music Reforms Mandated in Marquette

All parishes will use English chant, all parishes will use Latin chant, all parishes will sing the Communion antiphon, no one will buy any hymnal and all will use the forthcoming diocesan hymnal.

Manifesting the Holy

Instead of overt images of sentimental expression (in favor at the time), the abbey church helps us to see that light, shadow, volume and space, and the relationship of honest materials to each other are often a more intense expression of a God and of a mystery we cannot define in human terms and images.


I believe, Lord, help my unbelief

In what ways do our liturgies manifest a faith that has no space for wrestling with God? In what ways do our liturgies manifest a confident faith that also is honest about struggle and question?

Pope Francis to Sweden for Joint Reformation Commemoration

The Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church will hold a joint ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation on October31, 2016 in Lund, Sweden.

‘A Development That Follows the Logic of the Rite’: Augé on Foot-washing

Matias Augé is a highly regarded liturgical theologian and longtime professor at the Anselmo, the renowned Benedictine school of liturgical theology in Rome.

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