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Archive for July, 2015

Non solum: Pitch of Congregational Music

How high should congregational hymns and antiphons and refrains and service music be pitched?

Martha et Labora

Maybe Martha is busy, even bossy. But, Martha is my spiritual hero.

Deacons and the RCIA

By comparison with the Missal, the RCIA pays little attention to the role of deacons in the liturgy.

“Laudato Si” and Liturgical Life — Example 2: How We Assemble for Worship

I keep thinking about the implications of Pope Francis’s Encyclical Laudato Si for liturgical life.  Today, I ponder some concrete elements of how we assemble for worship. First, there is the uncomfortable truth that churches are big consumers of energy, and quite a bit of that consumption happens on Sunday morning.  Let’s take the parish […]


Seeking “Sacred” Silence

The “opening prayer” is a silent prayer done by “all in silence with the priest” (per the Roman Missal), with the priest truly functioning as a presider by leading all in the silent prayer and concluding it with the Collect.

Cambridge: Hymns in Liturgy and Life

I’m in Cambridge, England this week for a joint conference of IAH, HSGBI, and HSUSC.

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A Common Date for Easter? Bert Groen in Interview

“It is a bit funny that, in various places, the central and unique main event of the Church year is celebrated several times consecutively.”


Mauds and Mespers

The General Instruction on the Liturgy of the Hours allows joining Mass with Lauds or Vespers – do you do so?

Who’s That Lady with the Egg?

In an unguarded moment of blunt ignorance, I blurted out, “Who’s that lady with the egg?” My teacher looked at me, and with a patient voice, informed me that “That ‘Lady with the Egg’ is Mary Magdalene.”

Survey says…

32% of respondents so far see Pray Tell as more on the so-called “liberal” side, with only 2% seeing us on the “conservative” side. But the biggest group – 54% see us as right in the middle.