Ecumenical Study: Daily Office of French Anglicans and Catholic

A Pray Tell reader writes in, “I think this is a significant development, and a good example of receptive ecumenism.”:

The members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Committee of France (French ARC) presented the fruit of their work of the past five years last Wednesday 17 June, when they launched their study of the Daily Office, or Liturgy of the Hours, of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches.

The document, available in both French and English, is entitled “O Lord, open our lips” or “Seigneur, ouvre nos lèvres”. It points out the convergence between the Anglican and Roman Catholic liturgies for the daily office, and promotes common prayer between communities of both traditions. (There are over 80 Anglican congregations in France, served by about 35 priests. Many of these congregations use Roman Catholic buildings for their services). A range of practical suggestions are offered in the document to encourage a rediscovery of this common tradition and to how such common prayer can bring Anglicans and Roman Catholics in France even closer in our ministry and witness.

The story notes that the French version has been published by the official documentation service of the French Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

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  1. I wonder if the Episcopalian Church of S. Esprit in NYC offers Mattins and Evensong in French. French evensong does sound enchanting.

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