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Archive for June, 2015

Liturgical Translations: The Road Ahead

“Competing visions of how liturgy and language develop are embodied in the controversy surrounding translation. On the one hand, there is a vision of organic development, from the ground up, discerned and guided by the hierarchy. On the other, there is a vision of translators charged with producing a “sacral vernacular” expressing “timeless truths,” detached from changing circumstances on the ground. Which vision is correct? Is it possible to combine values from both perspectives?”


“Laudato Si” and Liturgical Life — Example 1: Green Burial Practices

Since the publication of Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudato Si” I have been thinking about how best to spell out this beautiful text for liturgical and devotional practices.  Some of this is easily done, since the Pope offers his own examples (especially in the section on “Sacramental Signs and the Celebration of Rest”):  pray before meals; […]

The Sea of Lake Sagatagan

The Stella Maris Chapel, dedicated to Mary, Star of the Sea, sits tantalizingly within sight across the lake from the Abbey Guest House. It seems to be situated just around the corner…except, let us not forget that we are in Minnesota. Not only are there a lot of lakes, but there are a lot of big lakes.

German Bishop Calls for Withdrawal of Good Friday Petition of Benedict XVI

Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff called for revoking the revised prayer written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and for a definitive end to negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X.

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Wonder and Compassion – in the Museum and in the Liturgy

Becoming less self-centered, connecting with other, feeling compassion, being more likely to give of ourselves to others – isn’t that what the liturgy too is about?

Ars Praedicandi: Jesus Calms the Storm

For the purposes of this preaching series, we might talk about the pros and cons of preaching without a text.

Non solum: EPs for Reconciliation and Various Needs and Occasions

When does your community use the EPs for Reconciliation?

A Note on CARA’s Interpretation of Data

Mark Gray of CARA has questioned the gloomy interpretations often given about the declines in organized religion in the U.S.

Ecumenical Study: Daily Office of French Anglicans and Catholic

It was noted that even in an increasingly secularized Europe, cathedral style celebration of Evening Prayer are alive and flourishing in English cathedrals and major parish churches, despite being a very ancient and traditional form of prayer

Canadian National Bulletin on Liturgy online

The entire collection of the National Bulletin on Liturgy now available on-line on the National Liturgy Office website of the CCCB.