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Archive for April, 2015

Non Solum: Psalms Sung to Hymn Tunes

A reader recently wrote to me about the practice of setting psalms to common hymn tunes.


Vatican Summit on Climate Change and Our Liturgical Response

In what ways can our liturgical celebrations be a prophetic voice and a transformative power for change in the fight to end global warming?

Book Excerpt: What’s The Smoke For? Part Two

Before the concept of inculturation was even invented, Mary wisely started to inculturate Christianity. Had it not been for Mary in her apparition as Our Lady of Guadalupe, for example, Christianity would have had a much harder time taking root in the Americas. No wonder Our Lady of Guadalupe has since been declared the patron saint of the Americas and thus shrines dedicated to her have appeared in many churches.


Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 97

Appropriate instances are to be defined by the rubrics in which a liturgical service may be substituted for the divine office. In particular cases, and for a just reason, ordinaries can dispense their subjects wholly or in part from the obligation of reciting the divine office, or may commute the obligation.

Rage: Reflection and Prayer

It is possible for any one of us to be driven to rage, to cross the threshold into a place of wild impulse, where we become belligerent,throw objects, and strike others.

Liturgy and Life in Baltimore

A collision of life and liturgy during Lauds on the morning after.

Pope Francis Gives Tips to New Priests

Today Pope Francis presided over the ordinations for the Diocese of Rome in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Viewpoint: What’s Broken in the Church’s Liturgy That Needs Fixing?

Not everything is as it should be in the Church’s liturgical life. There is much unease in some quarters, and many people have a vague feeling that something is amiss with the liturgy.


A Poem for Good Shepherd Sunday

A new poem by Malcolm Guite takes up the theme of Jesus as the gate, the door. Although this is not the image highlighted in Year B, I was moved by the poem and so wanted to share it with you here as a reflection on the mystery of Christ the Good Shepherd, a mystery that we celebrate this Sunday.

Non Solum: The Placement of Candles

While it might seem silly to ask someone where they put their candles, I have come to discover that it says a lot about a community’s theological and liturgical sensibilities.