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Archive for February, 2015

This Issue of: Orientalia Christiana Periodica

Pray Tell is starting a new series called “This Issue of,” which will provide abstracts from the new issues of important academic journals related to the field of liturgy. In starting this initiative, Pray Tell has three goals in mind: 1) to house in one location the most recent journal articles related to liturgy, 2) […]

More on Pope Francis’ Commemoration of Paul VI’s First Mass in Italian

The occasion will also be celebrated by a Congress on Pastoral Liturgy organized by the Vicariate of Rome, the Opera Don Orione and the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome, to open today at the Teatro Orione, adjacent to the All Saints parish.

Book Review: The Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes and Imperial Pretenders

For readers whose assumptions and understandings of the development of the papacy are largely formed by the long-lived residue of Whig historiography – in my experience, that includes the vast majority of American (very much including American Catholic) people – Peter Heather’s work represents a relatively accessible and interesting door to perspectives opened by newer generations of scholarship.

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VIDEO: “On Eagle’s Wings: Minnesota’s Sacred Music”

This one-hour documentary explores the dramatic shift in sacred music beginning in the 1960’s when major religions attempted to reach out to engage congregations. Minnesota is home to a significant number of highly accomplished songwriters and musicians who have helped bring new music to many faiths.

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Viewpoint: Evangelization Means the Renewal of Catholic Institutions

If Protestant evangelization is word-centered, Catholic evangelization is sacrament-centered. Catholic evangelization is properly guided by the affirmation of Vatican II that the Church has the character of a “sacrament,” a “sign and instrument” of God’s saving activity in the world.

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Non Solum: Easter Vigil Procession

“What to do about the Easter Vigil Procession?”


Ars Praedicandi: Homily from the First Sunday of Lent

Pray Tell is introducing a new series titled: Ars Praedicandi – the art of preaching.

My New Book: Donna M. Eschenauer; First Communion Liturgies: Preparing First-Class First Celebrations

The chapters of the book are an attempt to “stir up” a deeper consciousness regarding how we prepare and celebrate First Communion. Many “out of place” practices or so-called “adaptations,” have taught over two generations that these “adaptations” are acceptable and these are what make the day a special event.

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VIDEO: Copyright Law Workshop

A video is now available from Liturgical Press of a workshop on copyright law for parish musicians that you may have missed at NPM 2014 in St. Louis.

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A New, Armenian Doctor of the Church

Pope Francis has named Saint Gregory of Narek, a tenth-century Armenian monk and poet, a Doctor of the Church.  In Armenian churches, St. Gregory’s poetic texts have been and continue to this day to be read liturgically.  More information here: Updated link: Vatican Radio I will confess that I had never heard of this saint. […]