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Archive for October, 2014

Non solum: Who Should Pick the Music?

How do we best select music that meets the ritual, musical, and pastoral requirements of the liturgy?


Cardinal George on the New Translation in America

Cardinal Geoprge thinks that the new translation has been “well done” and “the collects are truly beautiful.”

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All Souls and Clericalism

If those in Holy Orders of Religious Life consider their spirituality to be superior to that of the People of God, then we have a problem.

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“What We’re Reading”

I had conflicting feelings of belonging: I belonged to God; but did I? What does it mean to be without grace, or schismatic? The way we employ our sacramental vocabulary inherited from late antiquity matters today, because ultimately, Christianity is about belonging to the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 87

Vatican website translation: 81 [sic]. In order that the divine office may be better and more perfectly prayed in existing circumstances, whether by priests or by other members of the Church, the sacred Council, carrying further the restoration already so happily begun by the Apostolic See, has seen fit to decree as follows concerning the […]

Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part XXV

The committee stated that it did not agree with the principle of reciting all 150 Psalms weekly. The Roman liturgy no longer has this principle, and we would like more readings.


“What We’re Reading”

A classic theological text on time and memory, plus two novels.

Still No Prefect at the Congregation for Divine Worship

Maybe tomorrow, as I’ve said to myself every day for the past two months.

Nuns in the Hood: 25 Years of Doing Good

“What the Lord put in our hearts,” said Sister Mary Margaret McKenzie, “was that the poor deserve to have their contemplatives.”


Emerging: The House for All Saints and Sinners

We like to say that we are “anti-excellence/pro-participation,” meaning that the liturgy is led by the people who show up. All the music you hear in liturgy comes from the bodies of those who showed up.