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Archive for September, 2014

The Organ is Too Loud! And So is the Piano. Part II

It is not helpful to play as if everyone is singing like Minnesota Lutherans when they’re not.

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Alert: Global Pulse Magazine

Global Pulse Magazine brings together the editorial resources of some of the world’s leading independent Catholic publishers.

An inter-confessional Bible gets Pope’s approval [updated]

Will the views expressed by Pope Francis on translating the Bible influence future ecumenical collaboration on translating liturgical texts?

Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 84

84. By tradition going back to early Christian times, the divine office is devised so that the whole course of the day and night is made holy by the praises of God.

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The Legitimate Liturgical Function of Clowns

Would there be any possible context in which a clown Mass would be a good idea?

Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part XXI

English is used for the first time at Saint John’s and the first concelebrated Mass takes place.


The Organ is Too Loud! And So Is the Piano. Part I

I’m an organist. That means I’m entirely sympathetic to the position that the organ should always be louder.

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Pope Francis’ Crozier

Historically, bishops have used croziers but popes have used ferulae. Until today.

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Liturgical Sharing, Catholic/Orthodox

Recently, an ordained friend who shepherds an Orthodox parish in the Upper Midwest wrote to ask me and some other friends for our opinions on concelebrating an “Akathist” (a non-Eucharistic prayer service consisting mostly of elaborate hymnography devoted to the Mother of God or a saint with elements from the Byzantine Liturgy of the Hours) with a Roman Catholic priest and parishioners from his church.


Although pilgrimages are not per se liturgical exercises, it seems to me that they are related to liturgical spirituality. The Book of Blessings has a rite of blessing for pilgrims. Yet even more fundamentally, the liturgy as a whole is about blessing pilgrims on their journey — from the moment of their call to faith until the day they reach journey’s end.