Chrismation and Catholics

Nicholas Denysenko recently did an interview at Eastern Christians Books on his newly released book Chrismation: A Primer for Catholics.

Denysenko in addressing the purpose of his book had this to say:

This book is for everyone; Orthodox, too…My hope in this book was to bring the two liturgical traditions into dialogue, not so that one tradition would be absorbed by the other, but to promote healthy mutual understanding.

In the interview, Denysenko addresses some tough questions like the restoration of infant communion in the West. He strongly defends full initiation for infants:

I am utterly unconvinced that Confirmation as adolescent initiation is an effective approach. Initiating all our children into the fullness of the life of the Kingdom and permitting them to partake of the banquet is essential for faith communities that promote and exalt the dignity of human life.

Denysenko’s interview is well worth the read. He has some striking answers to questions concerning the liturgical reforms of Paul VI, current Catholic confirmation practices, and ecumenism. Perhaps his interview will inspire you to purchase his book as well.



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